Wednesday, March 05, 2008

a walking tornado

face it, we're primal, in many ways that we would not admit at times.
Girls with great legs plus a skirt helm that sits just slightly below the butt; eats up attention from young and old, male and female alike. You just can't not look, especially when she is taking the steps, or when the bloody wind has to do some whipping. (visualize it, seriously, you would look)
The wonder of it all, (or the amazement) comes when this walking tornado sweeps in front of a couple from behind. Darnit, the reaction is standard. "the guy takes a quick look. Stops. The girl sees, stares. Looks at the girl or talks about the girl. And the guy would say, oh. And tries to avoid further discussion while he darts a look whenever he could." else, he'll just look back, as if someone had just shouted his name out loud if the tornado happened to walk in the opposing direction.
Really, it's an amazing phenomenon to observe.

So, now, does the tornado knows that she is like a walking destructo? (is she enjoying it? Or just loves the attention?)
It doesn't really matter if the girl is pretty, that would be a bonus, but any girl would draw mass attention...then again, even if it's a guy, he would well darn draw them attentions as well. (just that it'll be eew instead of wow)
Hope you'll see a walking tornado soon, or be one yourself. (coz darnit, the tornado is like standing two metres away from me now, and one dude is just like stare to look or to glance.) "any other action will be futile, hear the animal within ya shouting -check it out!-"
*Wahaha! The jester laughs at thee*


Lester Ledesma said...

Saw one just this weekend... can't blame men for looking, really :)

Dikkie said...

Whoa ! the people on the other side of earth have the same thoughts! Upskirt girls!

Keep looking, Jestre!