Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Just a pinch of salt

Give or take, that's they say, so that we can be in a state of well being.
Some other people might even say, take life with a pinch of salt, there isn't something that is really worth that much frustration or excitement. Maybe, taking that pinch of salt will help you live longer. (just a pinch is fine, not too much)
is the nature of people more transactional or transformational?
When you do something with intent, that is transactional. Like it or not, you want something back, be it as simple as a word of courtesy, appreciation, apology, acceptance...etc. You want something back.
If i am right, and people are transactional whenever they do things with intent, then we are simply trading favors and emotions all the time with expectations. Waiting for recipocation. (think i spelled this wrongly, oh wells, you get it)
Which, in the ideal case, will never allow us to be happy. (not talk about religion and karma and reincarnation and stuff)
How then, might we really find happiness? How...
Maybe, just maybe, taking things with a pinch of salt might just be it. It has to be. If the logic is right. Just tell me when ya succeed in doing it. I'm simply too lazy to try it out.

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