Thursday, June 12, 2008

Ten Things to Do to be Comforted

Ten things to do to be comforted.
Well, at least they worked for me.
(random numbered list)

1. Go pigeon watching
2. Pop them bubbles (on those bubble sheets used for packing)
3. Starting a domino fall (hear the stacking sound and look at the falling sequence)
4. Blowing bubbles
5. Lighting a matchstick (and watch the amber move along the stick)
6. Looking at a plastic bag on a windy day (they become alive)
7. Talking to myself in the mirror (yes, it sounds a little like someone with mania depression would do. it actually works)
8. Tearing paper, with your hands (yes, you can tear it in other ways, perhaps in a way we wouldn't want to know)
9. Scratch off paint droplets from the flooring (especially from tiles. they would pop and jump)
10. Talk to a stranger (in any ways you want. guess that's why call-a-friend stuffs are still around)


ndroo said...

Wait! Where is 'go get some pints'?

Saklasthefool said...

ha, it doesn't comfort me :P
pint is necessity, feel uncomfortable without it. ha

Anonymous said...

hi....nice blog!